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Alternative to Citrix Sharefile

Citrix Sharefile is a big, complicated tool. If the main thing you're trying to do is receive files from non-tech-savvy clients there's a much easier alternative.

The Ultimate Guide to Dropbox File Requests

Dropbox File Requests allow you to collect files from people in a single Dropbox folder. They can be powerful but have several limitations. This guide will help you make the most of this free Dropbox feature.

Dropittome Alternatives

Dropittome was a simple free service that allowed anyone to upload files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive. It shut down on June 15th 2017. Here's what you can use instead.

How to Receive Large Files to a Website

Would you like a file upload website that will let anyone send you files with a simple drag-and-drop without logging in? Here's a quick guide to set that up and embed a file upload form in your existing website.

Google Drive File Requests

How to receive files anonymously to a folder in your Google Drive without uploaders needing to create an account.