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Named Subfolders

Your uploaders can now name their subfolder! This makes it much easier to keep uploaded files organized by who sent them.

Here's a demo of what it looks like for your uploaders:

When you send me files though that DBinbox upload page, they get uploaded to a folder in my Dropbox named Apps/dbinbox/askemail/<your email address>.

Add it to your DBinbox page

For users subscribed to the Pro plan, log in and click the "settings" button on your page.

settings button

Next, enable the "Create a new subfolder for each uploader" toggle and select to name the subfolder either with the user's email address or their name.

subfolder toggle in settings

That's it! When your uploaders are first directed to your upload page, they'll be prompted for their email address.

email prompt

(they'll only have to do this once)

Files they upload will get automatically organized into a file named with their email address.


As always, if you notice any bugs in the way this works, please let me know at and I'll get them ironed out!