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Google Drive File Requests

Would you like to anonymously receive files to a folder in your Google Drive, similar to how File Requests work for Dropbox?

This method makes it easy to allow anyone to upload to your Google Drive, no coding or uploader logins required.

1. Create a file upload page on Fileinbox

Creating a new file upload page on Fileinbox

From the upload page list on, click the new page button. On that page, enter your project or business name, which will automatically fill out your customer upload URL (like

If you don't have a Fileinbox account yet, you'll be prompted for your email address and a password.

2. Link Google Drive with your Fileinbox account

Link Google Drive with Fileinbox

From your Fileinbox Account Management page, click Connected Apps, then Connect Google Drive. This will allow Fileinbox to send files to your Google Drive account.

3. Change your file upload page's destination to Google Drive

Change your upload page to send files to Google Drive

Go back to the upload page we made in step #1 (you can find it in your account's list of upload pages by clicking Pages in the top menu bar).

On that page, click settings next to your upload page, then visit the Uploading tab on the left side of the page settings. Set the File destination (near the bottom of the screen) to Google Drive, then click the green Save button that pops out of the bottom of the page to save your changes.

That's it! Send people to your custom file upload page URL and they can upload files to your google Drive with a simple drag-and-drop. If you get confused on any of these steps, open the "Help & Support" box in the lower right of this screen and someone will help walk you through getting set up.