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File uploads on Squarespace webpages with Fileinbox

Fileinbox can be easily embedded in your Squarespace webpage for seamless file uploads for your users for files as big as 1 GB.

Here's what the finished product looks like:

To get started, create a Fileinbox account and upload page. Once your page is created, click the embed code button:

Fileinbox embed code button

and copy this code to your clipboard (we'll need it later):

Fileinbox embed code

Next, log in to your Squarespace site and find the Squarespace page you'd like to include the DBinbox upload widget on. You'll need to go to the "Manage Page" section to add new code.

Once you've found a good place, click the... er... teardrop shaped button, then scroll down to "Code":

Squarespace teardrop and code buttons

In the new code editor window, paste in the Fileinbox embed code from before:

paste in Fileinbox embed code

Click Save, and you should see a box with a link that says "Upload files through", and a warning block for embedded code:

embedded code block

Now that you've added the Fileinbox embed code, click the Squarespace black "Save" button in the top right, then "View Page" to make sure everything works:

save and view page buttons

You should now see your Fileinbox file upload widget embedded in your Squarespace page!

Fileinbox file upload widget embedded in Squarespace page