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Dropbox File Request Alternative

Dropbox File Requests let you collect files from people in a Dropbox folder. It's usually used by people to receive files from friends and family.

If you're looking for an alternative to receive files from non-tech-savvy clients there's a more professional alternative: Fileinbox.

There are several unprofessional pain points in using Dropbox File Requests for your business:

  • Dropbox File Requests are branded by Dropbox and can't be whitelabeled
  • Upload pages can't be password-protected, which means posting them on your website is inviting spam
  • Uploader email addresses can't be collected along with files
  • Uploads will fail if your Dropbox has run out of space
  • "Too many requests—Sorry, this link has been automatically turned off for now. Learn more about traffic limits" errors

If you need this level of customizability, use a dedicated file-receiving service like Fileinbox.

Dropbox File RequestsFileinbox
Simple upload interface
Email notifications
Receive files in Dropbox Cloud Storage
Close upload pages to stop files
Maximum file size2GB/20GB total1GB per file
Still receives files if your Dropbox is full🚫
Drag-and-drop files to upload🚫
Collect uploader emails🚫
Collect extra data (job number, file annotations, etc)🚫
Branded links (like🚫
Password protected file upload pages🚫
Embed file upload forms in your website🚫
Custom theme and brand whitelabeling🚫
Automatic file organizing🚫

Fileinbox is a great alternative to Citrix Sharefile and alternative to Dropittome.

Create a Fileinbox file upload page