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Alternative to Citrix Sharefile

Citrix Sharefile is a big, complicated tool. If the main thing you're trying to do is request files from non-tech-savvy clients there's a much easier alternative.

Citrix SharefileFileinbox
Encrypted transfer and storage
Custom Branding
Desktop Syncwith Dropbox or Google Drive
Share Fileswith Dropbox or Google Drive
Drag-and-drop files to upload
Email notifications
Storage/Max File SizeUnlimited/100GBUnlimited/5GB
Embed file upload forms in your website🚫
Receive files in Dropbox🚫
Receive files in Google Drive🚫
Collect uploader emails🚫
Collect extra data (job number, file annotations, etc)🚫
Branded links (🚫
Password protected file upload pages🚫
Automatic file organizing🚫

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